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Total AED 325


    • 100 to 150 meters high ride in the air for 7 Minutes  

    • No previous experience required

    • Instructions by Professionals 

    • Pick up & Drop Off Facility (If Private Transportation option selected)


Parasailing, as the name suggests is a mix of paragliding and sailing. There's nothing like parasailing for a unique and beautiful view of the surroundings. Parasailing is fun and full of adventure. A tandem parasailing trip at an altitude of about 150 meters over the Marina beach in Dubai is an amazing experience for you and your family or friends. We at My Choice Tourism offer you the most rewarding and safest parasailing experience possible, so you can make it the highlight of your Dubai vacation.  The thrill of parasailing in Dubai begins as you board a speedboat out over the glistening waters. A harness will be attached to your parasail yoke (like a parachute). Feel the thrill of exceedingly high speeds as the boat's tow rope expands completely and the chute inflates. Book your parasailing with My Choice Tourism and

enjoy the warm breeze as you glide through the Arabian Gulf, marvelling at the majestic beaches. This experience will be something that you will cherish for your lifetime! So, don't miss this amazing opportunity and book this trip now! 

Terms & Conditions

    • The rates may change without notice.
    • You can visit for the payment or bank draft or cheque to the office will do the trick.
    • No refunds for things you didn’t utilize.
    • We do not accept for any damage on the trip on any of your things.




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